Infection Spread

Free games and play about infection spread for middle school.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we should prepare our coming generations for understanding the spread of virus and bacteria. Researchers at Aalborg University has developed a game which puts attention on the mechanics of infection spread.


The flyer contains pictures from the games and an overview of the concepts used by the games, which can be used for quizzes. Can be downloaded and printed.

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Infection Detective

The goal of Infection Detective is to search for the diseased persons faster than the disease can spread. The game shows graphs depicting how well the infection managed to spread and how effective the player was to isolate the diseased.

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Infection Defender

How effective is it to close schools in order to mitigate disease spread? In Infection Defender the students have to balance disease spread with hospital capacity and school opening hours.

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COVID-19 Board Game (Danish)

In this game, the players throw dice and move around on the board to answer questions. The questions provide either a question, a miming task, or explanation of a concept. The board game is a fun way to practice the guidelines for avoiding disease spread.

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Developed by Medialogy at Aalborg University

At Medialogy you can learn programming and interaction design using the newest technology.

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Developed by the institute for design, architecture and media technology at Aalborg University as part of the COVID-19-CTRL GROUP. The game is created for the Danish primary education as part of disseminating COVID-19 to the general public in Denmark. The development of the games was supported by Novo Nordisk Fonden. All materials may be used for non-commercial and education uses only.